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Granite Bay Pilates and Yoga offers workshops in Pilates Mat, Reformer and Yoga. See schedule for dates and times and how to RSVP.
How To Get Started with Pilates
INTRODUCTION TO REFORMER: If you are curious and want to get your feet wet, this is the workshop for you. It is a great way to learn the basics and get the individualized attention needed to begin your journey in pilates. Our Introductory Reformer Workshop is designed specifically for the beginning student new to pilates to get familiar with the apparatus and get the one-on-one attention with the instructor. Wear comfortable clothing.
INTRODUCTION TO MAT: Taking a Pilates mat class is not like taking an aerobics or spinning class – you can't just jump in to the middle.  In order to get the best results and to avoid injury, you really need to master the fundamentals before moving into more advanced Pilates, regardless of fitness level. This Introduction to Pilates mat workshop lead by Lesley Allen will teach you the fundamentals of pilates and provide basic core strengthening skills to apply to the repertoire. Great for beginners or those looking to brush up on the basics. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat or we have new mats for purchase for $20. 
Beginner’s Yoga Workshop
Yoga has been around for centuries and approximately 30 million people practice it daily. Have you been considering taking up a Yoga Practice but not sure where to start? This workshop is the perfect opportunity to take that leap. Kay and/or Lesley will lead you through several basic postures in a very welcoming environment. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat. We have new mats for purchase for $20.
Tuning Your Chakras
Render yourself to the experience of tuning your chakras with Joni Orban playing the Singing Bowls as Cathy Mikles brings you to a place of relaxation through a series of restorative postures. Space is limited.SCHEDULE.html