Massage Therapy

Tamara Andersen, CMT / Functional Bodywork

Muscle Therapy is a wonderful technique which Tamara Andersen practices and teaches. She has been practicing actively for over 15 years. This approach allows her to be able to address areas in the body to bring relief and relaxation to many ailments such as low back issues, neck, shoulder, and extremities. The goal is to create balance throughout the body. This technique has been proven to help people from different age ranges and physical goals; children, the child athlete, office and computer job related injuries, to a person trying to work out years and years of body issues.  

Tamara Andersen started her career exploring biology, kinesiology and body mechanics. With the background as an Emergency Medical Technician,and biology major, massage therapy has been a great area to explore how our bodies CAN come back into balance physically and mentally. 

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Non-invasive body contouring

Kelly donoghue / Slim Your Core

At a certain age, the driving mantra no longer needs to be “NO PAIN, NO GAIN.” You don’t want to feel pain in order to look great later. And no matter your age or athletic level, why feel the next-day-pain that can result from a simple bike ride or hike when you don’t have to?

Slim Your Core is the perfect solution because it works. The system you can improve your overall health and increase your strength with as little as 60 minutes per week.

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