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singing bowls with cathy and joni

Join Cathy Mikles and Joni Orban as they create an experience of balance and harmony through soothing restorative yoga poses combined with the pure vibrations of quartz crystal signing bowls. While your body relaxes from the simple yet healing restorative yoga, the vibrant tones of the crystal bowls will guide your experience into deeper relaxation and clarity.


pilates and yoga retreatS

Our pilates and/or yoga retreats are food for your soul. Some of our past retreats have been to Bodega Bay, Tahoe, Santa Cruz and Paso Robles. Wake up each morning with meditation and yoga followed by an amazing breakfast. During the day we have optional activities and meet up at night for more yoga and/or pilates and soul enriching activities. It will be a weekend you'll be remembering long after it is over.


Pilates and Pinot

We combine two of our favorite things – pilates and wine – into a fun and relaxing evening. One hour of pilates followed by wine and cheese pairing. How can you resist?